Category Replacement Air Filters

Activated Carbon

Over 20 types of activated carbons, impregnated carbons, and chemically modified zeolites are available for quick shipment from inventory to service all of your commercial/industrial vapor and liquid filtration needs.

Pleated Panel Filters

Pleated Panel Filters outperform ordinary furnace filters with higher efficiency and lower pressure drop allowing air-handling systems to stay cleaner and operate more efficiently. Our standard capacity and high capacity pleated filters are offered in ASHRAE 52.1 and 52.2 (MERV) ratings and are built to withstand rigorous conditions.

Panel Filters

Panel filters are constructed of two layers of polyester material heat sealed around internal wire grid support. The graduated density and tackification of media combines high dust retention with good efficiency. The internal wire support is heavy gauge steel to withstand high air velocity. Polyester overlap around the support wire offers a self supporting positive seal to eliminate bypass.

Mist-X Filters

As mist and droplets enter the Mist-X, the flow is subject to multiple changes in direction. As the mist follows the path of Mist-X, this causes a vortex to form in front of each pocket. This vortex causes the oil and mist to impinge into the Mist-X pockets, where it is then drained by gravity into the sump.

Hepa Filters

For applications that require high collection efficiencies we carry a range of HEPA replacement filters. Standard efficiency is 99.97% at .03 microns however higher efficiency, capacity, and air flow filters are available if required.

Cartridge Filters

Resistant to the detrimental effects of moisture. Standard filters include fire retardant treatment. A premium blend of synthetic and cellulose fibers for heavy-duty applications. Specialized filters available such as 100% spun bonded polyester and aluminized.

Bag Filters

Ultra fine microglass fiber construction. Support loops on both ends for maximum strength and longer filter life. Industrial grade scrim backing ensures better media protection and support. Used both for wet and dry applications.