AER Powered Bench Downdraft Tables

Manual Welding

AER Control Systems AER Powered Bench Downdraft Tables are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dust, smoke, fume, and gas/vapor contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications. Typically used for control of moderate to heavy concentrations of dry contaminants, the APB series tables can be used for grinding, polishing, and dry buffing. The self cleaning systems can be either manual or automatically controlled to minimize maintenance and reduce replacement filter costs. The AER Powered Bench will help with compliance to local OSHA regulations by drawing contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone.


The AER Powered Bench unit comes standard with flame retardant filter cartridges, TEFC motor with non-overloading direct drive blower, dust drawer, tool-less filter access door. Three table top sizes are available 42″ x 50″, 42″ x 76″, and 48″ x 102″. Table top air velocities are approximately 200 feet per minute. Typical table top loads for the bench are 75 lbs per square foot.


A variety of filter options are available depending on the contaminant. If smoke is present an additional HEPA cabinet can be added.

Product Details
  • Airflows range from 2500 to 5050 CFM depending on table top size and motor horsepower.
  • 99% filter efficiency at 0.5 microns particulate size
  • Heavy duty galvanized grating table top and rear wall with hinged sides are standard.
  • Direct drive backward inclined airfoil non-overloading fan.
  • Manual push button filter cleaning system
  • Mini-helic filter change-out gauge.
  • High capacity dust drawer
  • 11 and 14 gauge heavy duty metal construction
  • Kelly Green industrial textured powder coat finish.
  • Manual Motor starter


  • Airflows range from 2500 to 5050 CFM depending on table top size and motor horsepower.
  • Optional timer controls are available such as a timer and Smart Pulse with downtime cleaning.
  • Water pan or metal mesh for added protection against sparks due to grinding.
  • Filter options to include Spun bond, hydro-oleophobic, and high efficiency NANO fiber cartridge media.
  • Table top surfaces such as fiberglass grating and steel bar grating are options.
  • Slotted back draft is an option for welding.

Supporting Documents

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Available Products

Item # Nominal CFM Table Top Size Total Filter Area Motor HP Size, WxDxH
APB4250 2500 42 in x 50 in 480 3 50.4 in x 43 in x 62 in
APB4276 4000 42 in x 76 in 960 5 103 in x 48 in x 62 in
APB48102 5050 48 in x 102 in 1440 7.5 103 in x 48 in x 62 in